Making it Better

A number of improvements this week.  First, I added the Y-axis' PVC base, moving the rails closer together.  Then I cut a piece of aluminum and put it between the rails to catch any dripping oil.

The PVC board came out just right.  Here, you can see that the cotout gives good access to the lube fitting, so it will be easy to keep the screw oiled.

Next, I drilled a hole behind the X-axis screw, so I can easily oil that screw, too.  To make oiling easier, I plugged the oiling hole with a tapered dowel.

Then, after squaring the axes and leveling the table, I cut a circular disk out of 5/8" PVC.  The big machine does a much better job than the little machine.  Below, a disk cut on the little machine is shown on the right, while the big machine's disk is on the left.  The little machine needed to cut the disk in three passes, moving about 10mm/min.  The big machine cut the disk in one pass, moving at 30mm/min.  Notice how smooth the edge is on the left.  The big machine has almost no noise (wiggle) and far less bias due to torque.  The little machine moved as much as 2mm with force (torque), but the big machine moved only 1/2 mm with much more force.

Below is a 15-second clip of the big machine cutting the disk.

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